Vince Frost for President of the United States

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Vince Frost for President of the United States

It's time for commonsense in America. That is why I am running for President of The United States of America in 2008

Here are my answers to the problems of our country.

Democrats and Republicans: these two labels have divided this country long enough, let's get rid of them and start voting for the people on their view of the issues and their personality for the job.

The Energy Crisis: We have spent so much money in other countries that we have let our own country’s Infra Structure deteriorate, it's time to start taking care of our own country. We should update and build new refineries capable of handling new products like ethanol and bio diesel. Every station should be handling these new fuels, then we can stop sending our money overseas to buy oil and keep it here in America where it can help our own people. In Europe they are building the first fusion reactor. Why isn’t America building it's own fusion reactors? We should build several to take care of all the country’s needs.

Abortion: why is this such a hot topic? Let's use some commonsense. No woman should be allowed to have an abortion unless she has been raped or in danger of dying during birth. If the doctors say the baby well be unable to live a normal life due to mental or other disabling diseases she should be able to as well. If a man and woman want to have sex they should use some type of birth control. If not, they should have to face their consequences and take care of the child.

Iraq: Iraq is a hotbed for terrorist, we should be there, however mistakes have been made. We should disarm Iraq of every weapon we can find. But it's not too late, we should send enough troops over there to disarm that country. Once this is done we should move our troops out of the cities and move them to the borders of Iraq. Every person coming into the country should be searched, to see what trouble makers we have coming from other countries.

Health care: it's time to start helping the people of this nation. There are too many people that don’t have health insurance, either because they don’t have a job or their workplace doesn’t offer it. People are dying all over this country in part because they cant afford to get the care and treatment they need. So it's time for a national healthcare program something like Canada has. Yes, they are having problems with it, but we can learn from their problems and fix it. We don’t have to do this all at once, let's start with the children and seniors then once all the bugs are worked out offer it to everyone. If I was writing a health plan it would be in ten pages or less any more and it would be too complicated.

Taxes: we are being taxed to death. It's time to simplify the tax code. Why make it so complicated? Like the health plan I proposed, the tax code should be written in ten pages or less any more and it would be too complicated.

School Prayer: so the government doesnt like prayer in public schools? No problem, let's start giving funds to religious schools. Then we can have our prayers in class and parents can have their choice which format they want their children to attend.

Gun Control:

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